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What ATS can offer you

If you need a translation to be done and it has to be done well, then you'll need a professional linguist to help you ...

  • someone who speaks the target language perfectly (and is highly proficient at writing it as well)
  • someone who's familiar with the subject matter or is able to familiarise himself with it quickly
  • ... and someone who also knows what style to use to address your audience appropriately (just like the person who wrote the original document).

This is where Amper Translation Service comes in handy. ATS is a translation and proof-reading agency based near Munich in South Germany and has an international network of professional translators and editors at its disposal, all of whom translate texts into their mother tongue(s). Much of the work we get from customers is actually done in house, ensuring quick turnaround times if necessary.

The agency's main focus is on editing texts written in English and on translating from German into English and English into German. We also translate into several other European languages (see the Languages page for the current list).

Having worked in the translation industry for a number of years, my colleagues and I are all familiar with a broad range of subjects. Each member of my team of freelance translators also has specialist knowledge of at least one of the fields ATS covers, and you can be sure translators with a good understanding of your particular field will always get assigned to your own projects. 

It's this combination of knowledge and skills that enables ATS to produce high-quality translations and well-edited texts time and again.

What do you want to know about?

For more details about ATS, just click here.

Click here to go to the Subject Areas page and see what fields ATS can handle.

To see what a few of my regular customers have to say about the agency, just click here.

The languages ATS currently offers are listed on the Languages page.

(Incidentally, you'll find some links to useful online dictionaries and other reference works you can use yourself on the Resources pages. These are both monolingual and multilingual tools.)

At ATS, you'll find I put a lot of emphasis on competent, friendly service, quality and transparency. You can learn more about these aspects of our work and get to know us by clicking on About ATS.

A special service I offer in addition to translation is described in the section on Editing. This service is primarily intended for companies, publishing houses, academic institutions and research institutes that wish to get an independent native speaker to check the foreign-language texts written by their staff before these are published.

Finally, some general information about the cost of my language services is provided on the Pricing page. Please request a free, non-binding quotation if you have a specific assignment in mind as the rates and turnaround times vary.


Getting in touch with ATS

To get in touch with ATS quickly, you can send me an e-mail or just give me a call - you'll find the details you need on my Contact page.

This section also includes the firm's postal address, which you'll need if you want to send me a text for a quotation, a printed purchase order or a copy of a publication we have translated for you, for example.

Sending me work to translate

If the text you want to have translated is already available as an electronic file, please e-mail it to me or send it to ATS on a CD-ROM. This will make it much easier for me to measure the file in question and make you a quote quickly. I can process a variety of file formats used on Windows operating systems. File transfer by FTP or other means is also possible in the case of large files, so please ask about that if necessary.

Having a text in an electronic form is also convenient for my translators, as all they need to do is make a digital copy of the file and overwrite the copy in their own language.

This is often faster than creating a new document from scratch and also means the translation will have exactly the same appearance as the original text.

These factors all serve to increase our turnaround rate and shorten the length of the project for you.

Working for ATS

Translators and proofreaders interested in working for ATS on a freelance basis are requested to read the profiles that I've written on our German site before applying. Click here for more details.

++ NB: An excellent command of German is generally a basic requirement. Our main target language by far is English. ++

Get in touch with us today

Why not get in touch with me about the project you've got in mind? I look forward to hearing from you, whether you're a prospective customer or a freelance translator interested in working for us.

Carl Carter

Carl Carter, manager

Amper Translation Service

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