The Company

Amper Translation Service (ATS) was set up in January 2005. It provides translation and editing services for companies, publishing houses and research institutes, particularly those based in Germany and the UK.

The firm is located in Moorenweis, a small town in South Germany not far from Munich. The "Amper" element of the company name is a regional touch due to the firm's former location not far from the River Amper, which flows through the region.

The owner

I founded ATS myself when I became a freelance translator. I'm British, but moved to Germany from the UK in 1989 just before German Reunification and am now a German national as well. I've always been interested in learning foreign languages and consequently did a B.A. (Hons) in German and Scandinavian languages at the University of East Anglia (Norwich, UK) and then an M.A. in Applied Linguistics and History at the University of Hamburg.

In addition to English, I speak fluent German and have a good understanding of Danish, along with Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch, Italian, French and Turkish to varying degrees. (Turkish is difficult!)

As well as learning about Applied Linguistics (mainly foreign language teaching, language learning and translating), I have a lot of practical experience in teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) and in the translation field gained through freelance work and various full-time positions.

Before setting up my own translation business, I ran a translation company in Munich for five years, prior to which I worked as a project manager and editor.

Besides running Amper Translation Service (ATS), I also translate myself and work as a proof-reader/copy-editor. I am a member of the German Association of Interpreters and Translators (BDÜ). To view my profile, go to LinkedIn and

To get in touch with me, please give me a call or send me an email. The details are on the Contact page.


The translation service

Besides translating and editing texts myself, I work together with a personal network of experienced freelance translators and editors who make it possible for me to provide customers with translations in a variety of languages.

My main lines of work involve translating German texts into English (American as well as British English) and editing English texts written by non-native speakers to enable them to be published or used professionally.

You'll find a list of the languages I currently offer on the Languages page.

ATS translates (and edits) a broad range of texts, e.g.
  • academic and business books
  • academic essays and papers
  • user guides and manuals
  • online help files
  • product brochures and flyers
  • data sheets and specs
  • press releases
  • websites
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • training courses (including computer-based ones)
  • legal contracts
  • business terms and conditions
  • patents
  • books and articles
  • and many other types of texts that customer have as well.
I also create multilingual glossaries for customers and localise software (e.g. XML files) as well as websites.

If you're interested in applying for freelance work as a translator, please read the page on "freie Mitarbeit" (click here). NB: I only work with translators who speak excellent German. If you don't, please don't apply.

The editing service

In today's world, one result of cost-cutting is that staff in many companies deal with translation work themselves rather than getting external professionals to do the job. In Germany this is often the case when companies need English versions of their own documents as many office workers are familiar with the English terminology used in their own field.

ATS offers an editing service to assist its customers by checking the quality of their work and enhancing it wherever necessary.

This professional service is vital for business people who have to present their company's services in a foreign language or for researchers who take part in conferences abroad or publish articles in foreign journals, for example.

For more details, go to the section on editing.

ATS can help you in all sorts of ways when it comes to language services. It's professional, conscientious, sticks to deadlines and is also flexible – and customers feel the services are good value for money as well!

Read what they have to say about the firm here.


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