My Customers

ATS mainly works for companies that operate in technical fields and for research institutes that wish to present their work to an international academic readership and to decision-makers in commerce:

  • medium-sized to large international enterprises from the communications, automation and IT sectors such as Siemens

  • advertising agencies specialised in high-tech topics (telecommunications, IT, B2B, software development), particularly Text 100 (with customers like IBM and NXP)

  • publishing houses that produce customer magazines and employee newsletters (corporate publishing)

  • universities and research institutes concerned with international relations.

The majority of my customers have been working with ATS on a regular basis ever since the firm was established in 2005.

What do customers appreciate about ATS?

They often mention the following points:

  • the strong emphasis we put on quality
  • our flexibility
  • our dedication
  • the fact that we stick to agreed deadlines (reliability)
  • the fact that we ask them about anything that's unclear in the texts they send us for translation or checking
  • the feedback we often give them regarding mistakes or ambiguities in the source texts
  • the fact that they get good value for money
  • and a number of other things you can read about in the next column ...

Here are just some of my past and present customers:

MERICS, Berlin

MERICS, Berlin (Mercator Institute for China Studies)

CSMC, Hamburg

CSMC (Centre for the Study of Manuscript Cultures), Hamburg

Humboldt University, Berlin

Humboldt University, Berlin, Dept. of Central Asian Studies
GIGA, German Institute of Global and Area Studies, Hamburg

German Institute of Global and Area Studies, Hamburg


Deutsche Gesellschaft für Asienkunde, Hamburg

Siemens in Munich, intellectual property department, technical inventions

Siemens AG, Munich (patent department)

Aastra-DeTeWe, BerlinAastra-DeTeWe in Berlin, manufacturer of telecommunications equipment

TÜV SÜD in Munich, quality-management auditing and process optimisation

TÜV SÜD, Munich

More of my customers are mentioned on the right, along with some comments they've made.


Some customer feedback on ATS

  • Werner Rudolf, manager of DTP direkt KG, Rendsburg, Germany (a graphic design and technical documentation company):

    "Looking back on the many years we've worked together now, I can truly say your reliability and ability to meet deadlines are exemplary."

  • Jörg Lenuweit, editor-in-chief, Text 100, Munich (an international PR company):

    "We put our trust in Mr Carter's translation skills largely because he demonstrates immense care and and creativity when he translates or edits our texts..."

  • Jens Schrader, manager of sense:ability communications GmbH, Berlin (advertising agency):

    "The high degree of flexibility you show with regard to urgent assignments, the feedback you give us concerning problematic sections of our texts and the thorough quality checks you conduct are all points we greatly appreciate."

Can ATS help your company, too?

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By offering customers high-quality translations and careful, thoughtful editing, I give them the support they need for their international work.

You can put your trust in me.


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