ATS covers a wide range of subjects and disciplines

The Subject Areas ATS Covers

At Amper Translation Service we translate and edit texts concerned with a wide range of disciplines. In general, these fall into one of six categories:

If you click on a particular category, the subject areas related to it will appear. (These are just the most frequent ones I get.)

Please bear in mind that the categories overlap to a certain extent; marketing texts, for example, can describe the merits of technical devices, while legal documents like contracts can regulate sales matters. Take a look at all of the categories to get an idea of our overall scope.

N.B.: ATS does not translate official certificates or declarations of any kind.
Please contact a sworn translator if you require such a document to be translated. Some of these specially qualified translators are members of the BDÜ, which I also belong to.

Our main subject areas are marked in orange.

PR, marketing & sales

This type of material often covers press releases, interviews, advertising, website texts, corporate image work (branding), articles for trade journals and customer magazines and newsletters concerned with the following areas:

  • Web-based teaching platforms
    (for courses on business management and sales)

  • Automotive engineering
    (lorries, buses and coaches, air-conditioning systems)

  • Information technology
    (software and hardware, including peripherals such as printers, scanners and card readers, as well as IT networks, Web technology and Web 2.0/social media)
  • Power generation
    (including renewables)

  • Telecommunications
    (communications systems, communication devices, sensor technology, switching technology, m2m, value-added services, B2B platforms, DECT networks, SIP/VoIP, RFID, NFC)



  • Acoustics

  • Automotive engineering (lorries, buses and coaches)

  • Computer technology including peripherals and network equipment (LAN, WAN, WLAN)

  • Electrical engineering

  • Energy and power engineering (including renewables such as wind power and biofuels)

  • Process management
    (including logistics and supply chain management)

  • Product and service documentation
    (manuals, user guides, specs, data sheets)

  • Quality management

  • Railway and signal engineering

  • Telecommunications (communications systems, ISDN and DECT phones, mobiles, headsets, wireless modules, software)



  • Contracts of various types
    (employment contracts, purchase agreements, licensing agreements, service-level agreements, EULAs, NDAs, etc.)

  • Human resources

  • Patents
    (applications, abstracts, agreements)



  • Brands, images and marketing

  • Commercial correspondence

  • Company portraits

  • Corporate governance

  • Corporate white papers

  • E-business, EDI, Internet platforms

  • Human resources

  • Management consultancy issues

  • Management from A to Z (including quality management)

  • Market research (studies and presentations)

  • Quotations and tenders

  • ... and many other related areas (see the Legal section over on the left, for example).


Education and academic

  • Applied linguistics

  • Area Studies relating to African countries (political, economic and sociological topics relating to Algeria, Nigeria, etc., partly in connection with UNDP - the oil economy, civil and armed conflict, civil society, NGOs)

  • Asian studies (political, economic and sociological topics relating to the PRC, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, Burma/Myanmar, Afghanistan, India, etc.)

  • Codicology (manuscript studies, paleography)

  • Management from A to Z (e.g. MBA topics, training courses, case studies, methodology, change management, conflict management, quality management)

  • Philosophy and ethics (e.g. in business management)

  • Sociology

  • Teaching (particularly language teaching).


Software localisation

Besides conventional types of texts that are generally intended for printing or for internal use, we also translate user interfaces and text strings that appear in software applications and devices such as modern telephones.

This is known as "localisation", which implies adaptation to the needs of users in a specific country or region, and not just straightforward translation. Software localisation often entails the expert use of special translation tools.

Ask me for a quotation for the localisation of your company's software application and I'll make you an offer to suit your needs.


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